State Records: Extra Points, Season

The following is a list of Maryland high school football players who have kicked at least 40 extra points in a season. To submit details on an overlooked performance, please email Sheldon Shealer.

TotalName, School, Year
78Adam Yates, Hereford, 2007
75Roger Evans, Hereford, 1997
72Junior Baires, Damascus, 2016
72Alex Eckard, Linganore, 2008
71Joe Curry, Damascus, 2015
67Brad Dennis, Cambridge-S.D., 2013
66Justin Cohen, Westminster, 2012
65Bryan Bray, Franklin, 2013
65Alex Eckard, Linganore, 2009
64Marc Magas, Damascus, 2007
57Louie Forbich, Seneca Valley, 1994
57Alex Potocko, River Hill, 2013
57Nick Welch, Middletown, 2013
53Bryan Bray, Franklin, 2012
53Billy Orndorff, Allegany, 2001
52Joe Curry, Damascus, 2014
52Michael Gillespie, Howard, 2015
50David Lamparter, Cambridge-S.D., 1996
50Eric Medinger, Catonsville, 2011
50Brent Toms, North Hagerstown, 2004
49Jake Gibson, Franklin, 2010
48Shaun Peters, Middletown, 1998
45Chris Reid, North Hagerstown, 2006
43David Behrmann, Springbrook, 1985
43Alex Eckard, Linganore, 2007
42Justin Brown, Linganore, 1995
41Joe Curry, Damascus, 2012
41Richie Daughtridge, Smithsburg, 1991
41Andrew Goodwin, Frederick, 2004
40Josh Gibson, Franklin, 2006
40John Kifer, Allegany, 1998
Record Progression
43David Behrmann, Springbrook, 1985
57Louie Forbrich, Seneca Valley, 1995
75Roger Evans, Hereford, 1997
78Adam Yates, Hereford, 2007

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