State Records: Most Passing Yards, Career

The following is a list of Maryland high school football players who have compiled at least 3,000 career passing yards. To submit details on an overlooked performance, please email Sheldon Shealer.
TotalName, School, Years
9,090Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2002-2004
8,659Ramar Williams, Bishop McNamara, 2012-2015
7,433Billy Cosh, Arundel, 2007-2009
7,371Joe Haden, Friendly, 2003-2006
7,069Desmond Colby, Montgomery Blair, 2013-2016
7,062Deontay Twyman, Sherwood, 2004-2006
6,522Mike Pfisterer, North County, 1997-2000
6,448Chris Hendershot, Bishop Walsh, 2001-2004
6,350Reese Crounse, Patuxent (2015-2016)-Northern Calvert (2017), 2015-2017
6,286Lucas Phillips, Mount St. Joseph, 1993-1996
6,241Chuck Reese, Rockville, 2013-2014
6,229Kevin Clancy, Westminster, 2003-2005
6,185Anthony Pino, St. Paul's, 2011-2014
5,859Mike Mooney, Thomas Wootton, 2006-2008
5,826Bobby Sabelhaus, McDonogh, 1992-1994
5,780Bryce Johnson, St. John's Catholic Prep, 2012-2015
5,638Zack Mills, Urbana, 1997-1999
5,478Al Neville, John Carroll, 1967-1969
5,167Omar Walker, C.M. Wright, 2012-2014
5,161Nick Elko, Arundel, 2005-2007
5,111Colton Weaver, Liberty, 2005-2007
5,097Cameron Wann, Patterson Mill, 2008-2010
4,778Zack McGuigg, Glenelg, 1997-1999
4,771Ike Whitaker, Northwest, 2002-2004
4,768Erik Lipton, Arundel, 1994-1996
4,673Sam Ellis, Thomas Wootton, 2012-2013 [active]
4,664Matt Main, Middletown, 1994-1996
4,599Ben Love, Winters Mill, 2007-2008
4,570Ryan Fleetwood, Cambridge-S.D., 1993-1995
4,550Nick Tanis, Mount St. Joseph, 2001-2002
4,471Sean Schaefer, Northern Calvert, 2001-2003
4,449Sean Rivers, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1985-1987
4,443Josh Bordner, Century, 2008-2009
4,432Terry Wolfram, Springbrook, 1986-1988
4,371Andy Gilford, Westminster, 2007-2009
4,360Connor Frazier, Damascus, 2008-2010
4,264Jason Boseck, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1990-1992
4,234Grant Kelly, Fallston, 2009-2010
4,170Deryk Kern, Westminster, 2011-2012
4,157Pat Cilento, Arundel-Sherwood, 1992-1995
3,989Dewayne Washington, Lake Clifton, 1988-1990
3,914Joe Urso, Bethesda-CC, 1994-1996
3,831Brian Shaw, Northwest, 1998-2000
3,800Kyle Frazier, Damascus, 2005-2007
3,657Chris Kelley, Seneca Valley, 1997-1999
3,633Josh Volpe, Northwest, 2005-2006
3,610Eric Howard, North County, 1991-1992
3,607Joseph Dorsey, Franklin, 2009-2010
3,529Andy Stump, Fallston, 2014-2015
3,438Ben Nardo, South Carroll, 2012-2013
3,429Willie McGirt, Patterson, 1992-1994
3,391Bryan Costabile, Mount St. Joseph, 2014-2015
3,389J.P. Filchock, Walkersville, 1986-1988
3,355Jackson Thornton, Franklin, 2011-2012
3,342Alex Calvert, La Plata, 2012-2013
3,329Craig Ray, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1988-1989
3,322Liam Butler, Winters Mill, 2013-2014
3,271Jacquez Adams, Franklin, 2011-2013 [active]
3,236Mike Murray, Urbana, 2004-2005
3,228Ambrose Wooden, Gilman, 2000-2002
3,199John Flemming, Mount Hebron, 1981-1983
3,190Gaston Cooper, Paint Branch, 2013
3,120Matt Anuszewski, Liberty, 2003-2004
3,088Kevin Robinson, Linganore, 1985-1986
Record Progression
5,478Al Neville, John Carroll, 1969
5,826Bobby Sabelhaus, McDonogh, 1994
6,286Lucas Phillips, Mount St. Joseph, 1996
6,522Mike Pfisterer, North County, 2000
9,090Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2004

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