State Records: Most Passing Yards, Season

The following is a list of Maryland high school football players who have compiled at least 2,000 passing yards in a season. To submit details on an overlooked performance, please email Sheldon Shealer.
TotalName, School, Year
3,913Billy Cosh, Arundel, 2008
3,890Deryk Kern, Westminster, 2012
3,591Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2004
3,380Billy Cosh, Arundel, 2009
3,361Keith Ricca, St. John's-PH, 2003
3,358Reese Crounse, Northern Calvert, 2017
3,335Kevin Clancy, Westminster, 2005
3,263Chuck Reese, Rockville, 2014
3,190Gaston Cooper, Paint Branch, 2013
3,091Nick Elko, Arundel, 2007
3,142Desmond Colby Montgomery Blair, 2016
3,064Mike Mooney, Thomas Wootton, 2008
2,996Mike Evans, North County, 1996
2,978Chuck Reese, Rockville, 2013
2,836Jacquez Adams, Franklin, 2013
2,706Chris Hendershot, Bishop Walsh, 2003
2,659Desmond Colby, Montgomery Blair, 2015
2,659Ramar Williams, Bishop McNamara, 2013
2,657Ryan Sedgwick, Arundel, 2016
2,644Ramar Williams, Bishop McNamara, 2014
2,616Ike Whitaker, Northwest, 2004
2,582Andy Stump, Fallston, 2015
2,574Bryan Costabile, Mount St. Joseph, 2015
2,555Mike Pfisterer, North County, 1999
2,542Clint Huber, Mount Hebron, 2009
2,506Al Neville, John Carroll, 1968
2,460Jason Boseck, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1992
2,451T.J. Swanson, South Carroll, 2003
2,434Josh Volpe, Northwest, 2006
2,426Deontay Twyman, Sherwood, 2006
2,407Ben Nardo, South Carroll, 2013
2,396Ben Love, Winters Mill, 2007
2,380Grant Kelly, Fallston, 2010
2,361Josh Bordner, Century, 2008
2,342Nick Tanis, Mount St. Joseph, 2001
2,317Casey Crawford, Howard, 2015
2,313Casey Crawford, Howard, 2015
2,305James Joseph, Bishop McNamara, 2009
2,303Reese Crounse, Patuxent, 2016
2,293Jonathan Perry, Dunbar, 2007
2,243Earl Sewell, North County, 1994
2,245Zack Mills, Urbana, 1998
2,232William Crest, Dunbar, 2013
2,230Bynum, Bishop McNamara, 1990
2,227Cory Rhodes, Frederick, 2004
2,222Al Neville, John Carroll, 1969
2,215Sean Rivers, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1986
2,208Nick Tanis, Mount St. Joseph, 2002
2,203Ben Love, Winters Mill, 2008
2,174Jamar Mason, Chopticon, 2000
2,168Alex Calvert, La Plata, 2013
2,160Anthony Pino, St. Paul's, 2014
2,158Joseph Dorsey, Franklin, 2010
2,140Eric Howard, North County, 1992
2,138Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2002
2,132Justin Rice, North County, 1993
2,128Andy Gilford, Westminster, 2008
2,119Mike Pfisterer, North County, 2000
2,099Colton Weaver, Liberty, 2006
2,082Josh Bordner, Century, 2009
2,056Erik Lipton, Arundel, 1996
2,051Kevin Znamirowski, Perry Hall, 1995
2,048Sean Ryan, Broadneck, 1993
2,035Craig McIntosh, Overlea, 2001
2,025Brian Fleury, Seneca Valley, 1997
2,020John Ray, North County, 1990
2,006Alex Barker, Eastern Christian, 2014
Record Progression
2,506Al Neville, John Carroll, 1968
2,996Mike Evans, North County, 1996
3,361Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2003
3,591Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2004
3,913Billy Cosh, Arundel, 2008

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