This website was created and is maintained by Sheldon Shealer as a repository for high school football information pertaining to Maryland.

This is a work in progress, as my nearly 30 years of compiling records, statistics and other such information will be added to the site as time allows. The plan is to add three to five teams’ worth of all-time win-loss records per week. That process alone will take 45 to 70 weeks, starting on Aug. 1, 2013, just to upload the team information that I have on file. In addition, more features will be added as the site starts to fill out, including current and historical team standings, as well as expanded school, county and state records. One of the weekly driving items on the site during the high school season will be unofficial MPSSAA points standings updated each night games are played.

For more information about this site, or if you have information to contribute, please contact Sheldon Shealer.

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