State Records

Team Records
State Championships: Most Championships | Consecutive
Playoffs: Most Appearances | Most Wins | Consecutive Wins
Points Scored*: Four-Game Playoff | Three-Game Playoff | Single Game
Least Points Allowed*: Four-Game Playoff | Three-Game Playoff | Two-Game Playoff
*Note: Two-Game Playoff Era lasted from 1974-1984; Three-Game Playoff Era lasted from 1985-2002; Four-Game Playoff Era started in 2003

Undefeated Teams: Overall | Consecutive | Regular Season
Wins: Consecutive | Consecutive Games Without A Loss
Rivalries: Longest in terms of games | Longest in terms of consecutive years
Points Scored: Overall Season | 13-14 Games | 11-12 Games | 10 or Fewer
Points Scored: Game | Per Game Average | Consecutive Games Scored
Most Touchdowns: Season | Game
Most Field Goals: Season | Game
Most Kicking Extra Points: Season | Game
Most Total Offensive Yards: Season | Game
Most Rushing Yards: Season | Game
Most Passing Yards: Season | Game
Most Passing Attempts: Season | Game
Most Passing Completions: Season | Game
Most Overtime Periods: All-Time
Most Shutouts: Season | Consecutive | Consecutive Shutout Quarters

Coaching Records
All-Time Victories | Active Win Leaders | Most State Titles

Individual Records
POINTS, SCORED: Career | Season | Game
TOUCHDOWNS SCORED: Career | Season | Game
MOST FIELD GOALS: Career | Season | Game | Longest Field Goals
MOST EXTRA POINTS: Career | Season | Game

MOST YARDS: Career | Season | Season-Per Game Avg. | Game
MOST ATTEMPTS: Career | Season | Game

MOST YARDS: Career | Season | Season-Per Game Avg. | Game
MOST ATTEMPTS: Career | Season | Game
MOST COMPLETIONS: Career | Season | Game
MOST TOUCHDOWN PASSES: Career | Season | Game

MOST YARDS: Career | Season | Game
MOST RECEPTIONS: Career | Season | Game
MOST TOUCHDOWNS: Career | Season | Game

INTERCEPTIONS: Career | Season | Game

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  • I just wanted to say how great this site is. I am a sports lover in general and love visiting the site learning the history and browsing around all the features. I am a die-hard Fort Hill Sentinels fan, and even control their Twitter account (@FH_Football). Great work, keep it up!!!

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