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Maryland high school football state records

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

The below state records are a work in progress as we migrate data from our previous website. Each category link will go live once we feel we have adequately updated the list. Additional performances, corrections and additions -- once verified -- will be added as they become known.


​All-Time Winningest Coaches

​Active Winningest Coaches


Scoring Records

​Points Scored, Career

Points Scored, Season

​Points Scored, Game

​Touchdowns, Career

Touchdowns, Season

Touchdowns, Game

Field Goals, Career

Field Goals, Season

Field Goals, Game

Extra Points, Career

Extra Points, Season

Extra Points, Game

Longest Field Goal

​Rushing Records

Most Rushing Attempts, Career

Most Rushing Attempts, Season

Most Rushing Attempts, Game

Most Rushing TDs, Career

Most Rushing TDs, Season

Most Rushing TDs, Game

Passing Records

Most Passing Yards, Career

Most Passing Yards, Season

Most Passing Yards, Game

Most Pass Attempts, Career

Most Pass Attempts, Season

Most Pass Attempts, Game

Most Pass Completions, Career

Most Pass Completions, Season

Most Pass Completions, Game

Best Completion Pct., Career

Best Completion Pct., Season

Most Touchdown Passes, Career

Most Touchdown Passes, Season

Most Touchdown Passes, Game

Receiving Records

​Most Receiving Yards, Career

Most Receiving Yards, Season

Most Receiving Yards, Game

Most Receptions, Career

Most Receptions, Season

Most Receptions, Game

Most Receiving TDs, Career

Most Receiving TDs, Season

Most Receiving TDs, Game

Defensive Records

Most Interceptions, Career

Most Interceptions, Season

Most Interceptions, Game

Tavon Austin still holds the career records for rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, total touchdowns and total points among Maryland high school football players.

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