State Records: Most Touchdown Passes, Career

The following is a list of Maryland high school football players who have completed at least 40 touchdown passes in a career. To submit details on an overlooked performance, please email Sheldon Shealer.
TotalName, School, Years
113Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2002-2004
112Billy Cosh, Arundel, 2007-2009
80Joe Haden, Friendly, 2004-2006
80Deontay Twymann, Sherwood, 2004-2006
77Chuck Reese, Rockville, 2013-2014
73Ramar Williams, Bishop McNamara, 2012-2015
71Mike Pfisterer, North County, 1997-2000
67Bryce Johnson, St. John's Catholic Prep, 2012-2015
67Deryk Kern, Westminster, 2011-2012
67Al Neville, John Carroll, 1967-1969
65Kevin Clancy, Westminster, 2003-2005
63Desmond Colby, Montgomery Blair, 2013-2016
63Nick Elko, Arundel, 2005-2007
62Nick Tanis, Mount St. Joseph, 2001-2002
58Ike Whitaker, Northwest, 2002-2004
55Chris Kelley, Seneca Valley, 1997-1999
55Zack Mills, Urbana, 1997-1999
53Jason Boseck, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1990-1992
49Bobby Sabelhaus, McDonogh, 1992-1994
48Matt Main, Middletown, 1994-1996
48Omar Walker, C.M. Wright, 2012-2014
47Erik Lipton, Arundel, 1994-1996
46Sean Rivers, St. Vincent Pallotti, 1985-1987
45Mike Murray, Urbana, 2004-2005
44Colton Weaver, Liberty, 2005-2007
43Jackson Thornton, Franklin, 2011-2012
43Josh Volpe, Northwest, 2005-2006
42Ryan Fleetwood, Cambridge-S.D., 1993-1995
40Gaston Cooper, Paint Branch, 2013
40Zack McQuigg, Glenelg, 1997-1999
Record Progression
67Al Neville, John Carroll, 1969
71Mike Pfisterer, North County, 2000
113Keith Ricca, St. John's-Prospect Hall, 2004

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